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ingenie at the Marketing Society conference

Richard King and Gary Lineker at the Marketing Society conference

Richard King, ingenie CEO, and Gary Lineker, ingenie ambassador, at the Marketing Society conference

Leaders in marketing look to the future

ingenie founder and CEO Richard King was at the Marketing Society's annual Press Reset conference yesterday, which was held in the glorious Royal Opera House.

The event brought together marketing leaders from every sector, to talk about how to stay disruptive in a field that is bursting with innovation and moving incredibly fast. Richard was invited to do a Q&A about how ingenie grew and competed as a brand, along with Gary Lineker, our ambassador.


Key points from the ingenie Q&A

Richard and Gary talked about how we went about building a brand specifically for young people, and how international growth has always been at the heart of our business strategy.

Richard also discussed the benefits of being an early mover, combined with tactics to stay ahead in a now competitive market - like engaging with customers via our app and through social media.

Highlights from Press Reset 2014

The greatest catastrophe for marketing was the introduction of spreadsheets.

Rory Sutherland
Ogilvy Group vice-chairman

When we started developing a brand for young people, it was important not to try to look cool. An insurer trying to look cool is like a dad dancing.

Richard King
ingenie founder and CEO

It's time for marketing to move from the fringes of the business to driving change and growth.

Martin Glenn
United Biscuits CEO

Honor Clement-Hayes

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