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Post Magazine, the insurance industry publication, reported last week that the Department for Transport is expected to clarify its position on telematics insurance and graduated licensing by the end of the year.

The DfT approached various telematics insurers about reviewing their research, and ingenie is among those that agreed to share learnings on how telematics can benefit young drivers in terms of cost and road safety.

Richard King, ingenie founder and CEO, was featured in the piece, talking about the evidence that we're providing and his own expectations for the issue of young driver road safety.

We expect the government to give an update on its position regarding young driver road safety in the coming months. That update may include support for telematics, particularly given the evidence ministers have studied that demonstrates the technology directly improves driver behaviour on the road.

Richard King
Founder and CEO

"Telematics has great potential"

The article revealed that the British Insurance Brokers' Association has been working with the DfT's young driver department on the subject of telematics, and the organisation commented: "[We would like] telematics to be part of the consideration going forward."

Reassuringly, one industry source added: "The government is not keen on implementing any new restrictions on young drivers."

It's fantastic to hear positive noises about telematics from the government - which hopefully mean a big focus on young drivers over the next few months - and ingenie is very proud to be supporting the discussion with our own findings.

Telematics has great potential to improve road safety and we are considering commissioning further research into this technology.

Department for Transport

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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