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ingenie wins Innovation in Action award in America



We're very pleased to announce that ingenie has won an SMA Innovation in Action award for our work in telematics insurance. The winners were revealed at SMA's annual summit in Boston last week.

Since the birth of ingenie, we've been developing telematics to help young drivers improve their driving, lower their insurance costs and build a record of good driving behaviour that will help them for years to come.

We're all about connecting with our community and actually making a difference to each individual's future - with or without us - which is quite a step beyond traditional insurance.

So being recognised as an innovator in the insurance industry is a great honour - especially just as we launch ingenie in Canada and plans for moving into the US are in progress - and it's wonderful to have new ideas and new ways of working rewarded.

To any start-ups out there, take it from us: an idea you’re told will never work could one day help change lives. Richard King - Founder and CEO

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

Honor joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of words on the Young Driver's Guide and blog. Her first car is a Peugeot 206 cabriolet, which is a very sensible choice for the British climate. Follow her on .