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Telematics might be a ‘long road’, but the driving’s good

We read yesterday in The Insurance Times that telematics is "a long, tough road for insurers". That surprised the ingenie team slightly because we look back at the last three years of success with a great deal of satisfaction.

Is it profitable?

The cost of telematics to an insurer is obviously a higher layout than for insurers that use no technology at all. But the long-term benefits of the feedback that driving data can provide are clear.

ingenie's focus on behaviour change is having a dramatic effect on loss ratio: a decrease to around 30% lower than is traditional for young driver insurance. So telematics does have significant loss ratio benefits and underwriting profits in an area that hadn't been profitable before.

Is it future-proof?

As well as lowering risk, there's also the huge potential of the technology to consider: what we can do with telematics for the mass market. ingenie teamed up with Quindell to tap into that potential, including work on their virtual world smartphone app and self-install black boxes.

These products take our technology beyond young driver insurance and into the wider market of drivers over 25, focusing on cost saving, entertainment and the general vehicle connectivity that will soon be standard.

A long road? The journey's going great so far.

Richard King

By Richard King

As founder of ingenie, Richard is passionate about helping young drivers get on the road safely and affordably. He appears on TV campaigning to improve young driver safety.