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Response to today’s black box coverage in The Mail

There is a story in The Mail today about black box insurers charging customers ‘hidden’ fees and fines. Although ingenie is not mentioned in this story, we believe it shows our industry in a negative light and want to set out the facts.

Black box insurance policies for young drivers are, on average, 30 percent cheaper than traditional ones* and ingenie’s average starting premium is around £1,537. Most of our customers are new drivers and after one year of driving, their renewal premiums are on average around half of the previous year’s price. This makes us one of the most cost-effective ways for safe young drivers to get car insurance.

Since ingenie launched, we have given premium discounts to 70 percent of customers for driving well. We want to keep giving discounts, because insuring a safer driver is better for us as a business.

To discourage unsafe driving we have increased the premium of a minority of customers, just 10 percent. This is no secret. We’re transparent about why we might increase a policy from the start – it’s not just in the small print – and we send repeated warnings before applying a levy.

We judge customers on their own merit, so it’s important we have sanctions against unsafe drivers. After all, why should a dangerous young driver pay the same as one who learns to be safer? ingenie’s approach of rewarding safe driving is an important part of our commitment to road safety and the reason we won the 2013 Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety Award.

All our other fees are transparent on the website before the policy is bought, and there are no night-time curfews with ingenie. At ingenie we always present an upfront cost for your insurance when you get your quote, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch @ingenie or [email protected]

*according to the British Insurance Brokers Association