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Top tips to avoid drink driving

A conviction for drink driving can have dire consequences, especially when you’re young. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll lose your driving license, but that’s just the start.

Drink driving results in a criminal conviction so you might lose your job too, or be rejected from future jobs you apply for. If you want to go travelling, you’ll have the same problem, because countries including the US might not issue a travel visa to those with a criminal record.


When you do get your licence back, if you’re under 25 you will struggle to find an insurer who’ll be able to offer you a policy.

And that's before you even think about what might happen if you ended up in a serious crash.

So here are our top tips to avoid finding yourself in that situation.

  1. Leave your car at home
  2. If you’re having a drink, leave the car at home – that way you’ll avoid any temptation to drive later. If you're not planning on drinking but you change your mind, make sure you park your car somewhere you can leave it over night before you start drinking.

  3. Don’t give in to peer pressure
  4. From your mates, your boyfriend, your girlfriend – anyone at all. No one should ask you to drive when you've had a drink, but if they do, just ignore them. There’s a good chance you'll get caught, and the consequences are life-changing.

  5. Know your options to get home
  6. It doesn't take much to think about how you’re getting home before you go out. Is there a train station nearby? What’s the number of the local minicab office? Get this stuff sorted before your night starts and you won’t feel tempted to go near the car.

  7. Make sure your designated driver isn't distracted
  8. Drunk passengers can be distracting and dangerous at the end of the night, especially when there’s an inexperienced driver behind the wheel. If you're the designated driver don't be a afraid to tell your friends to shut up if they're being too rowdy, and if you're a drunk passenger make sure you're not being annoying while they're trying to concentrate.

  9. The morning after
  10. Just because you've slept a few hours between your last drink and getting up the next day doesn't mean that you're sober enough to drive. The fact is: even if you feel sober, your blood alcohol level could still make it illegal for you to drive. Convictions are up for drink driving the morning after – so make sure you don’t get caught out. If in doubt, go back to bed or find yourself an alternative route that doesn't involve you getting behind the wheel.

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