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Government playing politics with young driver road safety

Here at ingenie we’re disappointed to learn that the government has indefinitely delayed a consultation paper on young driver road safety, which was due before the end of 2013.

The ‘green paper’ – that’s Westminster-speak for a discussion document - has already been postponed twice and would have opened a crucial policy debate that we hoped would radically overhaul the national approach to young driver road safety.

Last year over a quarter of deaths and serious injuries on our roads involved someone under 24. That’s why companies like ingenie are working hard to help improve these shocking statistics and incentivise young people to drive safely with cheaper insurance.

The minister responsible today suggested that nighttime curfews are one of the issues the government is wrestling with, causing the postponement of this paper.

ingenie’s data suggests nighttime curfews are not the way forward and that technology like black box insurance does more to keep young drivers safe on the road without restricting their freedoms.

There are no easy solutions to the issue of young driver road safety, but it is an issue that needs tackling head on.

Richard King, CEO and founder of ingenie.

“On first glance, this looks like a cynical move by the government as we approach an election year,” said Richard King, CEO and founder of ingenie. “There are no easy solutions to the issue of young driver road safety, but it is an issue that needs tackling head on.”

He added: “ingenie will continue to do all we can to help reduce the crash statistics involving young drivers, while raising awareness of the issue. We are striving to offer a private sector solution to a problem the government is clearly struggling to solve.”

David Davies of PACTS (the Parliamentary Action Group for Transport Safety) described the action as a “..clear case of putting politics before the safety of young people” adding “The issue has been left in the ‘too difficult’ pile for to long.”

Robert Goodwill, minister responsible for the green paper, defended its postponement in Parliament, saying: “The safety of young people on our roads is very important to us. Too many young people die, too often. But we are wrestling with how to make things safer, while not unduly restricting the freedom of our young people. We want young people to be able to get to work and training, to education and to leisure activities, and we want them to do so safely. We are finding this a difficult balance, with passionate voices on both sides. We will issue a paper when we have considered this further.”

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ingenie is a car insurance brand for young drivers aged 17-25. We fit a black box in your car to assess your driving style. We'll review your policy 3 times a year and those who drive well could receive a discount.

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