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Tyger’s Diary: Why you should have post-test lessons

You’ve passed your practical test and you’re ready to hit the road in your new wheels unsupervised, but there's still lots to learn and driving situations you haven’t experienced yet.

For example, you might find that all of your lessons were during daylight hours so you’ve never really driven at night - and then there’s the daunting prospect of the motorway. Like Tyger it’s worth considering taking some post-test lessons to gain some much needed driving experience in situations you didn’t tackle in your lessons.

See how Tyger got on with his post-test lessons in his latest video blog:

Why you should have post-test lessons

1. Passing your test is not the end of learning how to drive, it’s just the beginning – new drivers still have lots to learn, but that learning comes with experience

2. Pre-test lessons don’t cover everything – a good example is motorway driving. You aren’t allowed to drive on the motorway as a learner driver, so like Tyger you might find it useful having your instructor next to you when you tackle it for the first time.

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