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Tread carefully when it comes to tyre safety

We've partnered with TyreSafe - the UK's leading tyre safety organisation backed by all the main tyre retailers and manufacturers - to ask 1,000 young drivers what they know about tyre safety.

According to our survey, one third of young drivers had never checked their tyre tread depth and a quarter had never checked their tyre pressures. Pretty worrying when you realise how this can significantly increase stopping distances.

So we worked with TyreSafe and our very own blogger (and star of BBC's Outnumbered) Tyger Drew-Honey on a video to show just how important it is to keep your tyres in good shape – plus tips on how to check whether they're road legal.

Our survey also highlighted the need to better inform young drivers on how to maintain their tyres – almost half of those questioned revealing that they’d never been shown how to check their condition.

Regular tyre maintenance is really important for safe driving as they ensure the car accelerates, slows down, corners and handles properly. It’s even more important to ensure that tyres are properly maintained at this time of the year, with the winter months bringing more hazardous driving conditions.

Check out some of the key stats from our survey and see our three simple tips on keeping your tyres in check.

ingenie TyreSafe tyre safety infographic