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Changes to your mobile app and online account

We've been taking on board your comments and suggestions on how we could improve the ingenie app and ‘My account’ area.

The result is two major updates coming in the next month - the first arrives this Tuesday, the 5th of November!

Here's what you need to know for the first update:

  • The current version of the app will stop working on the 5th November – you'll need to update it to keep getting your driving feedback
  • We've completely redesigned the app and ‘My account’ area
  • We've made some changes to your driving messages to make them clearer and easier to understand
  • There's a new 'How to improve' section to help you turn your feedback messages green
  • A new petrol spend calculator helps you work out the cost of a journey

Here’s a bit more detail on what you’ll see when you update your app or next log in to ‘My account’:

New look and feel

There’s a much cleaner, simpler look now, and the new menu will make it easier to find your way around lookandfeel

We’ve updated your driving messages

  • New colours make your messages even clearer
  • Each colour now has a description …‘good’ for green right down to ‘highly dangerous’ for black.
  • Your messages are grouped by the date you receive them, making it easier to see how you’ve been driving recently
feedback screenshots

Tips on how to improve your driving

If you're not getting Green (good) feedback, take a look at the 'How to improve' section in the app or ‘My account’ and follow these handy bits of advice to help improve your driving.

Tom Smith - iphone how improve 1

Petrol spend calculator

Just enter how far you're going to drive, your car's average 'miles per gallon' (you can check it here) and petrol cost - and the app will instantly tell you how much your journey will cost - which may come in handy if you need to split the cost of petrol with friends.

Tom Smith - iphone - petrol 1

We’ve got another big update coming at the end of November and we’ll tell you all about it soon.

For now we’d love to hear what you think of our improved feedback and new features – just tweet @ingenie or get in touch on Facebook.