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ingenie stands up for young drivers against curfews

Watch ingenie founder Richard King's video explaining what we think about today's headlines announcing the proposed changes to how we learn to drive.

You may have already seen the headlines this morning announcing that a new report produced by the Transport Research Laboratory is urging the Government to increase the driving age to 18 and impose a ban on novice young drivers using the car at night, unless accompanied by someone over 30.

It’s part of a new graduated driving licence scheme that would see young people restricted even after passing the test. ingenie is reacting to this news today and, as always, we’re firmly on the side of young drivers. Only around 10 percent of crashes ingenie deals with happen late at night, so we have no evidence that curfews will dramatically help reduce crashes amongst young drivers. We’ve made our stance clear on curfews in the past. They are also unenforceable in the real world, making extra work for police whose resources are already stretched.

At ingenie we don't use curfews, we never have and never will.

Richard King, ingenie founder and CEO

We believe a minimum learning period is a good thing, but that 100 hours is too much and will prevent many young people ever getting a licence. We also see no need to increase the driving age – data from the majority of our 17 and 18 year old drivers shows they are responsible on the road. If anything, young people should be able to start practicing (although not be eligible to take the test) sooner.

However, it is encouraging to see that there are other areas of the report that will help make young people safer on the road. This includes lowering drink-drive limits and banning distractions like mobile phones. As you know, at ingenie we passionately believe in taking steps to make our roads safer.

We know, and this research confirms, that the rate of crashes in young drivers is disproportionately high and that there need to be changes made in the way we educate young drivers. We believe in black box technology acting as a co pilot for new drivers making sure that the learning process doesn’t stop on test day. We’ve seen 70% of ingenie drivers make significant improvements in their driving thanks to the feedback they receive, and been able to reduce their insurance premiums as a result.

But, crucially, we don’t believe that all young drivers are the same. We know from our own community of drivers that there are many excellent young drivers on the roads and we don’t believe those people should be penalised because of the behaviour of a reckless minority. We firmly oppose curfews as well as legislation that could essentially take young people off the roads entirely.

We now await the Government’s green paper, due later this year, which will set out proposals for improving young driver safety. And in the meantime we will continue to campaign for changes to education and attitude training, rather than a ban on young people on the roads.

View our infographic outlining the proposed changes

Read the full report here

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ingenie is a car insurance brand for young drivers aged 17-25. We fit a black box in your car to assess your driving style. We'll review your policy 3 times a year and those who drive well could receive a discount.

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