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Big news: ingenie to insure over 25s & in Canada

The following is a post from ingenie’s Founder & CEO, Richard King

Ever since we started ingenie, we’ve been committed to rewarding good driving with car insurance discounts – and helping our customers drive more safely in the process.

Currently, we’re focused on doing this for young drivers. We’ve had great success with this, and have grown tremendously quickly in the two years since we launched.

Now though, it’s the right time to expand our offering.

Today I’m happy to announce that ingenie will soon be expanding to cover drivers over 25 years of age.

Richard & ingenie

There’s huge potential to extend the benefits of telematics to a wider age range – and we’re seeing a growing appetite for black box insurance amongst all drivers, not just under 25s. We’re really excited to giving more and more drivers the opportunity to be rewarded for driving well.

But that’s not all...

As well as growing the UK side of our business, we’re now set to go international. We’ll soon be launching ingenie Canada, catering for both young and more experienced drivers from day one.

To accelerate our expansion, we’re delighted to have received further support from Quindell, an existing investor which today announces a significantly increased investment in ingenie.

“But what does this mean for you?”

Well, if you’re an ingenie customer, take this as a really positive sign that black box insurance is the way forward. It’s taken some time for everyone to understand the benefits, but now we’re seeing widespread acceptance that it's great way to cut insurance costs. Today’s news also demonstrates how popular ingenie has become in a such short time, meaning you’re in good company with tens of thousands of other young drivers. The business is stronger than ever, and we remain committed to consistently improving the ingenie customer experience whilst helping you cut the cost of your car insurance.

If you’re older than 25, you too could start benefitting from being a good driver. The benefits of ingenie can now be enjoyed by the whole family, not just the 17-25s. So stay tuned for more news on our expansion to cover more experienced drivers.

And if you happen to be reading this from Canada, you too will be able to insure with ingenie in the near future – and reap all the benefits that come from taking responsibility for your driving and being safe on the road.

Keep up the good driving...

Richard King, ingenie Founder & CEO

Follow Richard on Twitter - @ingenie_Richard

For more on today's announcement, please read our press release.