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On-the-spot fines for tailgating and middle lane hogging


As of today, new rules have come into force giving police the power to issue on the spot fines of up to £100 for a number of driving offences.

You could now get an on-the-spot fine for:

  • Tailgating (i.e. driving too close to the vehicle in front)
  • Lane discipline, such as needlessly hogging the middle lane or outside lane
  • Failing to give way at a junction (not requiring evasive action by another driver)
  • Overtaking and pushing into a queue on a roundabout
  • Inappropriate speed
  • Wheel-spins, handbrake turns and other careless manoeuvres

List source: BBC News

A recent survey by Populas shows that around 40% of young drivers run the risk of receiving a fine because they don't know they're breaking the rules by being in the wrong lane on the motorway. We think this is because learner drivers don't get trained in motorway driving before they take the test.

So make sure you remember to avoid these driving offences, and you'll stay safe on the road as well as avoiding fines and points on your licence. For a more detailed look at what's changed, click the link below.