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ingenie founder speaks out about curfews

ingenie founder and CEO Richard King addresses the misconceptions surrounding black box insurance and night-time curfews.

"Here at ingenie we don't impose night-time curfews on our customers. We're clear that curfews unnecessarily restrict freedom and have found very little evidence that they help young drivers stay safer on the road.

Richard & ingenie

"In the lead up to launching ingenie in 2011, we conducted extensive research including focus groups with parents and young drivers, motoring experts, behavioural psychologists and road safety academics - who were unanimous in their view that night-time curfews were not the right approach. As a result, we are vehemently opposed to any form of curfew system.

At ingenie we don't use curfews, we never have and never will.

Richard King, ingenie founder and CEO

"The only way young people will get cheaper insurance is by having fewer crashes. The way to achieve that is through better education and giving incentives for good driving, which is what we aim to do at ingenie.

"Black box insurers who impose curfews are in the minority and I feel they are tarnishing the reputation of the industry. Last month, tragic news of a fatal crash was widely reported in the press including the suggestion that a curfew imposed by another black box insurer could have encouraged speeding in an attempt to 'beat the clock'. This risks eroding parents' trust in telematics as a whole - and could overshadow the real benefits this technology can provide in keeping their children safer on the road.

"The issue of curfews remains a frequent question prospective customers are worried about. We will do more to make clear that we will not restrict our community of young drivers with curfews."