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Discounts for learning with RED Driving School

Richard King, ingenie founder & CEO: In the last week we've announced that customers of RED Driving School who have had 10 or more hours of driving lessons can get a 5% discount on their car insurance with ingenie.

Why? Because RED Driving School's learner education goes beyond just teaching young people the skill of handling a car - it also covers having the right attitude towards driving when it comes to speeding, distractions and peer pressure once you've got your licence.




I'm delighted to be working with RED, not only because they're the biggest driving school in the UK, but also because they really get young drivers. They see that there's more to learning to drive than just training to pass the test.

This is important because 95% of crashes involving young people can be linked to attitude and behaviour.

Video: Gary Lineker explains how learning with RED could get you a discount on your car insurance with ingenie

We understand that getting on the road for the first time can be really expensive and are trying to help where we can. The government suggests new drivers have 47 hours of professional tuition, backed up by as much private practice as possible. If someone has purchased at least 10 hours of tuition with RED, then we know they're on the right track, and that's why we'll give them a 5% discount on the starting price of their insurance.

And of course, whether or not you learned with RED, the opportunity to save money doesn't stop there. Just like any other ingenie customer, you'll still be eligible for quarterly discounts totalling 10% throughout the year for good driving.

Throw in the fact that black box insurance is up to 30% cheaper from the word go, and that ingenie premium renewal prices drop by half on average after your first successful no-claims year on the road with us, it demonstrates that we're playing our part in trying to make insurance more affordable for young drivers.

For full details and to find out if you're eligible, please visit