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Tyger’s Diary: The benefits of free online brain training

In his latest video blog, Tyger shares his thoughts on how Drive iQ's online brain training can help young drivers think about driving in the right way from an early age.

Why do I need Drive iQ?

Well, put simply, because young drivers tend to have more crashes. There are lots of factors including distraction, attitude, over confidence and poor risk assessment that all contribute to the high crash rate. It's proven that brain training like Drive iQ can help reduce crashes, and Drive iQ itself is being used in thousands of schools across the UK.

How will Drive iQ help prepare me for the road?

While you might have the right technical skills and know how to control a car, you may not be aware of potential dangers like distraction and peer pressure.


Drive iQ helps you understand the things that could put you at risk, and develop key skills including better awareness, eye scanning and hazard perception. The system uses interactive online modules, which are both fun and informative, to cover these important areas and help develop your road sense.

How can I try Drive iQ for myself?

Whether you're learning to drive or you've already passed your test, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to give Drive iQ a go. It could just help you avoid having a crash, and the great new is - it's free!

You can try it for yourself here:

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Luke Eales

By Luke Eales

Luke joined ingenie in 2011 and currently heads the marketing team. He passed his test aged 19, and his first car was a black Peugeot 206. You can follow Luke on Twitter and .

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