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Why has black box insurance become so popular?

Black box insurance continues to rise in popularity with 17-25 year olds, who generally experience more expensive car insurance costs.

In this video Q&A, Richard explains what's attracting so many young drivers to this type of car insurance.


Well, first off black box technology isn't new, it's been around for a long time - all that's happened is the cost of the technology has come down dramatically, while the cost of insurance for young people has shot up.

And to make matters, worse, traditional insurance assumes that all young drivers are a high risk and lumps them all together with expensive premiums.

But what we do at ingenie is fit a black box to your car that captures the trends in your driving. All we ask is that you act responsibly on the road, and if you do that, we'll reward you with cheaper insurance.

Rather than waiting 12 months for the price to come down, we'll review your premium 3 times a year - so far, 70% of our drivers have received a quarterly discount for good driving, and on average, their renewal premiums are around 50% cheaper than their initial starting price.

So that's why we've seen black box insurance become so popular with young drivers.

To find out more, read about how telematics works and what happens when your black box is fitted.

Luke Eales

By Luke Eales

Luke joined ingenie in 2011 and currently heads the marketing team. He passed his test aged 19, and his first car was a black Peugeot 206. You can follow Luke on Twitter and .

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ingenie is a car insurance brand for young drivers aged 17-25. We fit a black box in your car to assess your driving style. We'll review your policy 3 times a year and those who drive well could receive a discount.

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