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6 everyday situations where drivers should be extra vigilant for pedestrians

Pedestrian safety is the hot topic for this year's UN Decade of Action Road Safety Week (6th – 10th May).

This year, the global campaign is focusing on the 270,000 pedestrians who lose their lives in road traffic accidents around the world.

6 everyday situations

So do your bit and see how you can make your driving safer in these common everyday scenarios. Plus, see how you can stay safe as a pedestrian too.

1. Areas with 'No footpath' signs

Pay extra care scanning the road if you see 'no footpath' signs as there could be pedestrians walking on the side of the road.

2. At bus stops

It's no surprise that where there are buses you'll find pedestrians. Watch out for people crossing directly in front of or behind a bus or those dashing into the road to catch a waiting bus.

3. On car-lined roads

Take your time driving down roads where there are lots of cars parked as pedestrians may try crossing in between the cars and out of obvious sight. Also watch out for children or pets rushing out into the road.

4. Near pedestrian crossings

A bit of a no-brainer, but all pedestrian crossings are clearly marked for a reason. Scan the road ahead to give you plenty of time to brake safely and sensibly. Disabled or elderly people may need extra time to cross, so be patient.

People carrying a white stick with a red band around it are deaf and blind so take extra care when approaching them in a car.

5. At dawn and dusk

The changing light at dawn and dusk can make it harder to spot pedestrians. As soon as it starts to get dark, put your headlights on, even if street lights are not on yet.

6. Around schools

Look out for signs for nearby primary and secondary schools and drive with extra caution. Pedestrians will tend to gather around the morning school run and then at home time between 3pm and 5pm.

Also be vigilant for school crossing patrols who may unexpectedly stop the traffic in front.