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Tyger’s Diary: Getting Ready for your Theory Test

Tyger Drew-Honey is an actor and star of BBC One's Outnumbered. Having recently turned 17, he's learning how to drive and we're sharing his experiences in an exclusive series of brand new video blogs.

Last week, we followed Tyger applying for his provisional driving licence. This week watch as Tyger gets ready to take his theory test.

1. Book Your Test

With over 160 theory test centres all around the country, head over to the official government site to find your local centre. It'll cost about £30, so have a debit or credit card ready.

2. Hit the Books

Fifty multiple choice questions form the first part of the theory test, chosen randomly from a bank of more than 1,000 questions. You need to score at least 43/50 to pass this section.

To revise, grab a copy of the official DSA Theory Test Handbook, crammed full of useful tips and driving scenarios.

3. Brush Up on Your Hazard Spotting

Fourteen video clips designed to measure your hazard perception, make up the second half of the theory test. Each clip contains two hazards and you'll be scored according to how quickly you spot these. To pass this section you need to score at least 44/75.

To revise, go to Drive iQ where you can practice scanning the road effectively, identifying distractions and looking out for cyclists with their interactive video clips.

You should complete at least 20 hours of revision to make sure you are fully prepared for your test.
Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

4. Put in the Hours

Your test questions will be picked at random, so you need to be confident answering any of the questions in the DSA Theory Test Handbook.

Get used to answering under pressure by asking friends and family to quiz you. In the real test you'll have 57 minutes to answer the 50 questions.

Make sure you also practice your hazard perception. You need to get the minimum allowed score on both parts of the test to pass.

5. Take a Mock Test

Think you're ready for your theory test? Head over to the government-run Safe Driving for Life website and try their mock tests.

Remember, you can reschedule your theory test up to three days before your test date. If you're not sure you'll pass, take a rain check and squeeze in some extra revision.

Catch up with Tyger's first video blog, Applying for your Provisional Licence.

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