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Insurance more interesting than football

Our brand ambassador Gary Lineker recently met with RSA (one of our underwriters), but unfortunately for him it turned out that not everyone wanted to talk about football.

Earlier that day Gary expressed his 'enthusiasm' for an evening of car insurance on Twitter:

Gary Lineker Tweet

Things were going well, that is until Bob Skerrett of RSA revealed that he didn't “find football terribly interesting“...

Gary seemed to take it pretty well:

Gary Lineker and Bob Skerrett

Gary with Bob Skerrett, Distribution Director at RSA.

But felt the comment was memorable enough for a witty tweet the following day:

Gary Lineker Tweet

Mark Christer added:

After Bob's football comment I quickly decided it was probably best not to move the conversation onto how much I liked McCoy crisps instead of Walkers - I didn't want him dismissing us insurance types completely. Next time we'll remember to watch Match of the Day and quiz up on the offside rule.
Mark Christer - Managing Director of UK Personal Lines at RSA

Gary Lineker and Mark Christer

Gary pictured with Mark Christer, Managing Director of UK Personal Lines at RSA.

Gary Lineker and RSA

Gary pictured with (from left) Jill White , Bob Skerrett, Mark Christer and Paul Middle.