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Stay safe – tips for cyclists

If everyone does their bit, together we can make our roads safer for both cyclists and motorists. Stay safe on your bike and share the road with our top tips.

Be aware of the driver's blind spot. If you can't see them in their mirrors, they can't see you.

Leave a full door width between you and parked cars in case doors are opened suddenly. Only 52% of motorists we surveyed always check for cyclists before opening their car door so watch out.

At traffic lights position your cycle in front of vehicles so you are clearly in view and use the 'bike box' where available.

Use lights at night or when visibility is low such as in rain or fog.
Only 63% of cyclists we surveyed always use lights in the dark but this is the most common thing that motorists wished cyclists would do.

Try to make eye contact with drivers so that you know they have noticed you. Wearing bright clothing in the day and reflective clothing at night will also help you to be seen.