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Two thirds of motorists have been a victim of road rage

Our latest survey of over 3,950 UK motorists uncovered that while 83% of drivers don't think of themselves as a 'road rager' almost 85% admitted to road rage behaviour.

It also confirmed that road rage remains a major problem on UK roads with two thirds of motorists saying they have been a victim of road rage in the past 12 months.

Dr Lisa Dorn, leading Traffic Psychologist and Reader in Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University, said:

“Road rage is not new, but it is a growing problem. It has been defined as anti-social and angry behaviour exhibited when driving, often due to stress, poor attitudes and personality factors. If road rage strikes it's important not to forget how it can affect your driving – and therefore the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users.“

Our #redmist campaign includes a quiz developed with Dr Lisa Dorn entitled “Are you a road rager?“ where drivers answer 10 questions to discover their risk of road rage.

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The infographic below shows the key findings from our road rage poll:

Road rage

In response to the survey results we are running a road rage awareness campaign called #RedMist, which aims to raise awareness of the impact road rage has on the driving community and offers tips on how to deal with and prevent road rage.

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