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Top 10: Preventing Road Rage

Road rage is something that affects us all and when it happens it can change your mood and ruin your day. We've teamed up with Dr Lisa Dorn who is an expert in driver behaviour to give us her top 10 tips on avoiding both causing and being a victim of road rage.

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1. Driving when you are upset or angry means you will be distracted and your risk of being involved in a crash will increase. If you feel stressed or angry, take time out to calm down before you start driving.

2. Make sure you plan your journeys taking into account traffic hot spots and alternative routes. This will help to reduce the pressure you might feel if you're going to be late.

3. Try to keep your distance from those with driving behaviour that annoys you, you'll have more time to adapt your driving if they make any mistakes or drive badly. It also allows you to concentrate on driving well yourself.

4. Some drivers look for a reaction from other road users and enjoy conflict or competing. Getting into conflict or a competition with another driver could lead to a serious incident so let them go by and don't rise to the bait.

5. Refrain from eye contact with an angry or aggressive driver as this has the potential to make the situation worse.

6. If you find you are being followed by an impatient driver who is following you very closely or tailgating – take control and don't allow them to bully you into increasing your speed or to be intimidated. Instead find a safe opportunity to allow that driver to pass by.

7. If you unknowingly cause another driver to become angry – hold up your whole hand as a friendly acknowledgement of your mistake and an apology as it can diffuse the situation. This will help diffuse the situation even if you feel that you have done nothing wrong.

8. If you find that you are stressed by an incident on the road, to avoid any carryover effects for the rest of the journey, when it is safe to do so stop and take time out to relax. Take some deep breaths, count to ten and think about the consequences of losing your temper.

9. Reduce your chances of becoming involved in a road rage incident by driving with consideration for others and keeping your distance from other vehicles.

10. Never undertake on a motorway. Undertaking on a motorway is often annoying for other road users as well as dangerous and can often be a cause of road rage.

Do you have any tips to share that help you deal with road rage? Share them with us by commenting on this post or on our Facebook page or on Twitter using #RedMist.