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Top 10: Tips for driving on country lanes

Countryside Driving

The winding lanes of the countryside can be daunting, particularly for new drivers.

Read our top 10 tips for staying safe in rural areas.

1. Make sure you slow down approaching bends and then resume acceleration when you can see through the bend.

2. If an animal runs out in front of you try not to swerve uncontrollably.

3. Give cyclists and horses plenty of space and only over take them in a safe area when you can clearly see all oncoming traffic.

4. Make sure you have plenty of petrol as stations can be few and far between once you hit the country lanes.

5. Use the lines of trees, hedges and telegraph poles to know which direction the road is going in.

6. Country roads are often unlit so remember to make use of your full beam at night so you can see more of the road. Remember to switch them off when you see oncoming traffic approaching so that you don't blind other drivers.

7. Watch out for groups of bikers who can arrive unexpectedly and at speed. Listen out for clues of their approach and remember that the last rider in the group may be tempted to overtake dangerously to keep up with his friends.

8. If you are stuck behind a tractor or other slow moving farm vehicle, never take risks when overtaking. If you are in a queue of traffic behind a slow vehicle wait for your turn to overtake, and never be tempted to overtake several vehicles at once.

9. Try not to rely on your mobile phone as a backup if you get lost - plan your journey well and take a map. Don't panic if you get lost, the chances are you won't be very far from a signpost or main road.

10. Be aware that locals know the roads very well and tend to drive fast across long straight stretches and brake hard when approaching corners. If you are less used to the roads, don't be afraid to drive slower, even if you do feel like you're holding someone up.