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Dr Lisa Dorn – ingenie’s ‘Driving Doctor’

Each month we're giving you the opportunity to ask our driving expert Dr Lisa Dorn your questions as part of our 'Driving Doctor Q&A'.

Dr Lisa Dorn

Who is Dr Lisa Dorn?

Dr Lisa Dorn was awarded a PhD in driver behaviour from Aston University in 1992. Lisa is now a senior academic at the University of Cranfield and Director of the Driving Research Group and specialises in driver behaviour.

Since 2005 she has presented an eight part BBC1 TV series called Road Rage School and has appeared on several programmes including The One Show, BBC News 24, ITV's This Morning, BBC1's Real Story, BBC1's Inside Story, BBC1's Cars Cops and Criminals and BBC1's Last Chance Driving School.

Lisa currently leads a team of Psychologists working with the private and public sector on research concerned with driver behaviour and education; she has edited over 15 academic books and published over 40 peer reviewed research papers.

How do I ask Lisa a Question?

Each month we will give you a window of opportunity to ask Lisa questions around a chosen theme which will be announced on our blog. You can ask questions by commenting on the blog post which introduces the theme or on the ingenie social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. We will then present Lisa with as many questions as we can and will write the answers up into a blog post.

If you have any pressing questions for Lisa outside of the theme or at different times please visit our Facebook and Twitter and we will get an answer from Lisa and get back to you.