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Gary Lineker: Why I invested in ingenie

My involvement with ingenie is in two parts really. Firstly I'm an investor and secondly I'm an ambassador.

Richard King and Gary Lineker

Gary with ingenie CEO Richard King

How did this all come about? Well, ingenie's CEO Richard King was my neighbour, and we often discussed his new venture. As a parent, I understood the concept – it's surprising how much some young drivers have to pay for their car insurance. Two of my sons are already young drivers and I have two other sons fast approaching the age when they'll start lessons.

For any parent, it's not just the cost of insurance that is a concern, but also their safety on the roads and anything that can be done to encourage them to drive more safely gets my total support – ingenie does exactly that.

Being an ambassador for ingenie means I can have a hands-on role supporting them and their campaigns for road safety by spreading the word on social media.

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