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Williams F1 Team and ingenie teamed up to bring F1 technology to road cars and improve driver safety

Above: Sir Frank Williams talks about the car crash that changed his life.

Why Williams teamed up with ingenie

Formula 1 has taken great strides to reduce serious injury and fatalities on the track by focusing on technology and how it can be used to improve driver safety. Over the years, F1 has been responsible for a number of innovations that have since been adapted to road cars – by working with ingenie, Williams F1 Team hope to continue the sport's positive influence on road safety.

Featuring a high frequency motion sensor, ingenie's black box is fitted in the car where it relays data back to ingenie. This allows us to build up an accurate picture of your individual driving style. The technology, similar to that used in Williams F1 cars, can then be used to help young drivers improve their own driving and bring down the cost of their car insurance.

The team is partnering with ingenie to improve road safety and create a community of better young drivers.
Sir Frank Williams - Team Principal


The best and most improved drivers could be rewarded with a visit to the Williams Grand Prix collection. Watch the video below to see what our community experienced.

Above: Our competition winners enjoy a memorable day at Williams F1 Team HQ.

16th April 2012

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